We are a leading media sales and advertising agency that provides end-to-end digital advertising services.

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Our Services

What we offer?
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Digital Media Strategy

The internet is a global village and we understand perfectly how to walk our way around it. As experts, we can help you define/recommend the best digital strategy for business growth and expansion.

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Content Marketing

If Content is fire and social media is gasoline, then Digital Tribe owns the refinery. We have the platforms and technical expertise to create and deploy banners, images, GIF,Rich Media and videos.

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Digital Media Sales

We sell advertising space on popular online platforms such as websites, blogs, and digital properties. We help brands deploy several Ad formats, measure click metrics, and engagement measurement.


Our mission is to provide measurable value by helping brands and business owners increase sales, online engagement, and emotional connection to their target audience. We are a set of intelligent individuals, who have diverse backgrounds and skillsets committed to growing an energetic online marketing experience in a productive environment.


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    Multi-Format Targeting

    We are also able to reach your audience via multiple formats (GIF, Rich Media, Banners, Video)

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    Multi-Device Targeting

    Multi-Device Targeting – We are able to reach your audience across multiple devices (Desktop, Mobile and Tablets).

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    Custom Targeting

    We explore advanced targeting to the ideal audience to optimize performance. (Demographic, Geographical, Behavioural)

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Our platforms include

Yahoo logo

Yahoo! is one of Africa’s leading platforms. We offer custom advertising packages from Native advertising to premium billboard to custom audience targeting. YSM Advertising allows brands to retarget their audience. It provides an opportunity for massive reach at an affordable rate.

Livescore logo

This is Africa’s premier sports portal predominantly focused on football but also covers cricket, tennis, basketball and hockey. Livescore.com offers live insights into every game and has a passionate and dedicated user base. With over a billion impressions monthly, Livescore advertising offers unrivalled reach.

Programmatic Advertising

Run data-driven and selected targeting strategies to attract the right audience for the ad at the right time. This is best suited for your awareness and performance campaigns and can run all types of ad formats across all devices. It's the present and the future of digital media.

Native Bouquet

Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear. Native ads are often found in social media feeds, or as recommended content on a web page. They are a great way for brands to relate with their target audience as the Ads do not have the appearance of regular Ad banners or videos.

SMS & Email Marketing

We can help push bulk-SMS/Email marketing campaigns with clear objections and measurable metrics. This allows brands/ business owners reach a wide target audience and ensure a positive return on investment.

Linkedin Logo

LinkedIn has over 380 million professionals waiting to be reached and offers perfect targeting for B2B. It’s inexhaustible!